Campaign Platform

John F. Krowka, Ph.D.

Board of Education Campaign Platform

“Together we can make a difference”

Smart School Spending

We need to ensure that every dollar for education is spent wisely.  I will use my background in science, education and business to model our school programs on what has worked well in other school systems and communities. I will ensure that all Washington County Public School  programs have specific goals and measurements of their effectiveness.

Preparing Students for Jobs

Our students need education and training to develop skills that are useful in the job markets of today and in the future. A college degree is right for some but not for all. I will advocate strongly for increased access to vocational training to provide avenues for success for all students. Workforce development is essential for the future of Washington County.

Community Engagement

The School Board cannot be effective working in isolation. I will use my experience as a team-player and a bridge-builder to get input and active involvement from students, teachers, administrators, businesses, community leaders and organizations, and others to work together to help our students.  Our young people are the future of Washington County.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

In education, one size does not fit all. My background and experience are valuable assets to develop school programs that meet the needs of the many communities and individuals in Washington County. I will build on our proud rural heritage and embrace the diversity of our community to meet the needs of our students. Students have different backgrounds, abilities, and needs. It is the responsibility of our schools to make sure that all students are nurtured for success.

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